Saturday, November 19, 2011

Arts and the Private Sector Blog Salon

This pas week, Americans for the Arts hosted an Arts and Business blog salon. You can see all of the postings  here.  There is an amazing array of writers and reflections. Some of my favorites are:

"Arts and Culture Can Help Solve the Creativity Crisis in Business" by Neil McKenzie  He references the IBM study of its global CEO's identifying creativity as the critical ingredient for navigating a complex world, and offers ideas on harnessing creativity in the workplace.

"The Arts for Arts Sake Conundrum" by John Eger. John talks about the relationship between bringing the arts into the corporate world and the intrinsic value of the arts.

As someone who has spent my career in arts administration, a great deal of which meant asking for corporate contributions, I really liked "Ask Not What the Company Can Do For You...." by Krista Lang Blackwood. She gives a very clear assessment on what makes the most sense when arts organizations approach corporate donors - a must read for arts organizations.

The link between business school training and the arts is an intriguing one, explored by Tom Tresser in "Time for New Thinking and Being in Our Business Schools".

And, I was fortunate to have two postings on the site as well. "The Creative Economy: A New Opportunity for the Arts" and  "Linking Creative Education and Talent Development".

I encourage you to explore the range of blogs in this arts and private sector blog salon. There are many fascinating tidbits of research and information, as well as a host of insightful and thought-provoking perceptions.

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